Natural Selection 2

9 04 2013


Nice to see that Natural Selection is working its way through the gaming society. Im working on a modded-combat map just to start with the editor and learn some things.


Old times

6 03 2013

I found my old amateur site portafolio with my Natural Selection v1 levels and the Last Breath single player HL1 adventure i worked on at Copenhague for my final project degree.


UDK Unreal Engine 3 – Multiplayer Level Basic course

11 01 2013

Im teaching a 4 days-class (5 hours each) course at ESAT from the 26th of January. The course will serve as an introduction to the Unreal 3 engine, starting from the basics and ending up creating a multiplayer level.

In this course the students will learn how to work both on the scripting (Kismet) and the art side of the editor, focusing on multiplayer design to work on layouts.

Link – Unreal Engine 3 Multiplayer course

Deadlight screenshots updated

24 12 2012

Updated the deadlight screenshots from my work on TequilaWorks.

Deadlight images

Students opening their way

11 10 2012

So, some of my last year students are starting a videogame company using UDK software.


Hail Studios


Unnamed 101

Deadlight announced!!

18 01 2012

Hi all,


Deadlight XBLA Game has been finally announced by Microsoft!! We are still finishing the game at the office but its nice to see this are coming to an end, which includes the publicity and images to be shown from now till release.

Here the link to Deadlight website.

Some of them i found on the news sites.




3 11 2011

Hi, just wanted to update the fact that ive already been working 4 months for Madrid-based TequilaWorks Game Developer. This month im also starting back at ESAT teaching game and level design & Production!. Lots of work to do, projects to be finished and polished and lots and lots of info to teach the students!